Eric Altman the Ultimate Heart Transmitter

Eric Altman was born with a gift of healing that originates from the heart and he directs the energy with intention to the person, place, or thing. Eric’s passion is teaching the basics of breaking down people’s perceptions of who they imagine themselves to be. He realized at an early age that these patterns were in fact the seeds or the primary impetus that laid the foundation for most physical, mental, or emotional imbalances; sickness of the mind, body, and spirit. Eric is a modern day speaker, healer, and teacher and has worked with people around the globe. He has a unique ability to crossover his spiritual teaching in conjunction with this dynamic healing, which creates profound and lasting changes. Eric’s spiritual teachings are based on the idea that awakening is simple, practical, and down-to-earth. One of the biggest myths of all times is that spiritual awakening and evolution are difficult!

Eric’s system of energy healing transmissions, Heart Field Healing TM, stems from his studies of ancient texts and recognized his interest and affinity towards the healing Masters. Their teachings state the only thing needed to support healing anyone or anything was pure unconditional love. Eric’s teachings are relative to the here and now, and encourage you to integrate all facets of your life with your spiritual transformation. Learn to play in the playground of your soul. When we laugh, when we truly let go, we awaken.

Eric devotes his life to working with people of all ages facing every possible challenge, be it physical, psychological, or spiritual. He offers individual sessions and group events, as well as distance healing. He is the founder of Living Peace International, located in Portland, Oregon.

"At one event with Eric, he had me laughing about something that just moments before I had been completely horrified about in myself.  He is a master at lightening things up.  I would have never pictured myself having that kind of reaction.  It taught me compassion for myself.” 
- Grace A.